Graphic Design Department aims to train sensitive and authetic designer idetities who are creative in the line of modern sense of aesthetics, able to solve visual design problems, capable of using technologic equipments competently, investigative, innovative, aware of riches in their environment and able to combine them with their creative skills along the four years undergraduate education.

Our students are taught how to use visual language utilized in universal scale  creatively and effectively with regard to design in the line of modern education given by our academists who are experts in their fields by means of tablet computers supported by the latest softwares in the Mac labs within the body of our department.

Graduates of the programme are entitled with “Graphic Designer” and  they can find job oppurtunuties in advertisement agents, media, packing, expo and marketing companies, and they can work as  graphic designer, art consultant, and art director in public enterprises, and they can work as a graphic designer and manager in printing houses. They can run their own design, advertisement and publicity businesses. They can become academists in related education and research institution continuing post gradute education in the field of Fine Arts.

It is necessary to complete the courses required by 8 semester programme successfully and to perform  the research report and exhibition project which prove the improvement of grapher cadidate and his/her identity as a designer.


The education programme based on understanding of interdiciplinary arts and bringing student’s individual creativity forefront is practiced in Painting Department which started to give education in the Educational Year of 2008-2009 within our Faculty established at the date of 30.09.2005.

The Painting Department adopting education programme in the line of modern understanding aims to train artist individuals whom our country needs by enhancing their intellectual level with institutive courses and  also aims to improve their skills of chosing means of description,creating concep tinterpreting relationship among the objects through a diciplined observation with applied courses  in order to increase creative and productive of powers  of the students.

Wide range of art history courses are given for strenghtening conceptual aspect of applied workshop courses. In this direction all the phases of Painting Art from the begining to our day are scrutinized. The history and the concept of Painting Art is given within application integrity.  Mainly experimental programmes are supported with conferences, seminars and exibitions and applications. Individual works based interdiciplinary construction are performed in Painting Department from the third semester. Contemporary art problems are handled conceptually and practically so that the students can discover their experimental sides.

Our students graduating from Painting Department can work as a painter, a consultant, a critic and a curator in public or private sectors.


Trakya University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture started teaching in 2010 – 2011 Academic Year and will give its first graduates in 2014.

Paralel to ongoing developments, Department of Sculpture Art Major has been founded within the Instıtute of Social Sciences of Trakya University and will start its educational activities from the year 2016.

Department of Sculpture aims to educate authentic artistic minds  and to create pioneer artists who are able to present interdisciplinary approaches within various branches of arts. In this regard, students will be given theoretical and applicational courses so as to ensure them to know the culture of sculpture and different materials implicating them to use and shape in order to increase awareness in the field of arts. Our main aim is to support individual creativity and help our national sculpture be represented in national and international fields.

In order to graduate from the department, students are obliged to succeed courses over eight semesters, submit a final project representing the artistic mind of the student and hold an exhibition to demonstrate the four year’s accomplishments.

Graduates are rewarded the “sculptor” degree. They can be appointed to various professional activities such as freelance sculptors, scene designers in cinema and theatre fields, three dimensional form designers, monetary designers within the Central Bank, technical staff in state and private sectors, art consultants, art educators and art reseachers or instructors in relevant faculties.


The Foundation Studies Department within the Faculty of Fine arts is the department aiming to teach the fundamental principles and elements of plastic/visual arts within the observation – analysis – synthesis system, constituting a reference source for students throughout their education and providing common service lessons to all departments within the Faculty. The Department does not receive any students or provide a diploma or any title.

The root of Foundation Studies Department can be associated with the “Art and Craft” movement started in England, “Bauhaus” in Germany and “Vhuktemas” schools in Russia. The Basic Education classes in our Faculty draw on these resources to provide students with a large perspective covering design principles and elements including point, line, color physics and fourth dimension within the concept of changing and developing art up to the day.


Communication Arts Department aims to train meticulous andbinnovative researchers, writers, directors of photography, directors and cartoon animators who are equipped in the field of cinema and television, sensitive with regards to basic artistic and professional principles.

Communication and  media are two of most important facts determining and directing socio-cultural, economic and even political life. Communication Arts Department aims to train personnel who can master technology within communication in cooperation with Cinema, Television and Graphic Design Departments where these visual-audial dimensions of two facts are questioned in all their parts and  brought the students professional practices both the industry  needs and will direct them correspondingly to the necessities of the time.

Communication Arts Depatment displays students special study fields where they can combine applicational aspects of media industry. The purpose of the department is help the students to discover their professional and artistic creativities by means of equiped studios and experienced academists and academic staff who are movers and shakers. Its vision is to train successful comunication designers and artists who are experts in every field of communication, competent to blend with the world and to work in the international platform and have the abilities of critical thinking and team-work.

Communication Arts Department within our Faculty is in the phase of construction and it’s not accept students yet.

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